The media have made quite an ordeal over Romney's statement that there could be some problems associated with security as Great Britain hosts the Olympic Games. Obviously, his comment wasn't meant to demean Great Britain; he simply wanted to say that in today's world, security is needed at any event where there are a large number of people and where much media attention is focused. As Romney becomes more skilled in dealing with the nitpicking press, he will learn to more artfully state his case. He has moved on to Israel and will be going to Poland today, where his reception has been and will be extremely warm, primarily because the Obama administration is not perceived in a positive light in either of those places.
England, however, and many of the other European nations will interpret anything that Romney says negatively because he has stated very publicly that he doesn't want America to become a European-style nation. This implies that he does not completely approve of their method of governing. President Obama, on the other hand, seems to be very much in harmony with the European style of governance. Because of this, many of these European nations will interpret anything that Obama says in a positive light.

As Romney learns to manipulate the media to get the truth out, wise observers should always know the context in which statements are made and criticisms are leveled, because only then will they find the truth in our heavily politicized media.