It's time for the media and politicians to stop using selective phrases to attack their opponents.
By nitpicking these phrases for a political attack or a story, the meaning of these phrases is distorted and exaggerated. They are so distorted and exaggerated by the end of the day that these attacks hold little truth.
Take Romney’s observation on Obama’s latest statement, for example.
When Obama said that there were a few bumps in the road regarding Middle East foreign policy, Romney implied the president did not understand the significance of having an ambassador and staff killed. Obviously this is not true, because President Obama has made it a featured point in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

The Obama group, which includes the media, completely distorted Romney's words regarding 47 percent of individuals who are supported by government programs and their status as citizens.

He stated that the president and himself each starts out with 47 percent of the vote, so the focus of his campaign was going to be the remaining 6 percent of the electorate.

This candid fact is true, but it is also what President Obama’s campaign is doing. The focus of Romney’s statement was actually how he intended to reach the 6 percent of undecided voters. What the media did not choose to highlight out of that video from Mother Jones was how Romney talked about the challenges confronting our nation and the choices we have concerning its direction — and yes, he has stuck with this message since the beginning of his campaign.

The media and politicians of today act very much like third-graders on a playground who hear someone say something and jump around like tattletales saying, “Did you hear that?”
In our advanced society that we are in the year 2012, we need to strengthen the political discourse in this country beyond simple words and phrases. Moreover, media outlets and political figures should analyze the action in context of what is being said and done like intelligent, mature adults. If we expect the American public to hear the truth and believe it, we need to give them the entire truth, unadulterated by distortion.