It is astonishing that all of the major networks’ and cable stations’ top story is about the Notre Dame football player whose imaginary girlfriend supposedly died. How can this command the top spot in news when our country is about to be downgraded from its triple-A credit status and we continue ignoring the debt-ceiling debate?

This is symptomatic of what is wrong with our nation. We focus on things that are meaningless and completely ignore the things that will determine our viability in the future.

This is the very kind of thing that Jesus railed against in the Bible. I guess it is not too surprising that we are acting like the Pharisees, since we, like they, are intent on ignoring all things spiritual.

Hopefully at some point we can regain a sense of what is important and empower the populace with the necessary tools to change the dangerous course we're on. We can derive that sense of importance from the facts and not from what is said to us by what is rapidly becoming a completely disoriented and unprincipled media.