Freshman Republican Sen. Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioTrump must send Russia powerful message through tougher actions McCain, Coons immigration bill sparks Trump backlash Taking a strong stance to protect election integrity MORE of Florida, by any definition a rising star in politics, was an obvious choice to deliver the GOP response to the State of the Union address.  

He’s smart, a great communicator, hard-working, sincere, and proud of his Cuban heritage and his Republican affiliation. He connects his heritage with his reasons for being a Republican in ways that scare the heck out of Democrats.

Naturally, when he displays an awkward moment reaching for a sip of water in the middle of his live, televised speech, the Democrat-apologist mainstream media go crazy.

Compare this to the hush on the very disturbing, substantiated allegations and growing scandal surrounding Democratic Hispanic Sen. Robert MenendezRobert (Bob) MenendezJustice Dept intends to re-try Menendez in corruption case DACA is neither bipartisan nor in America's interest Senate DACA deal picks up GOP supporters MORE 

(N.J.) and underage Dominican Republic prostitutes he is alleged to have frequented on a regular basis, funded by a campaign contributor.  The Huffington Post (where the senator's daughter is employed) did not mention his name in the headline, and omitted his party affiliation.

Media Research Center reports that there have been only seven stories on CBS, ABC and NBC about Menendez in three weeks, yet the Mark Foley story of his racy emails to pages warranted 152 stories by those same networks in a two-week period.

CNN pondered the burning question as to whether Rubio drinking water would be a career-ender. Every network talked about it extensively — morning shows, late-night comedians — the whole gamut.

The left's commitment to destroy a Hispanic Republican is as strong as its commitment to destroy GOP African-Americans. 

The growing Menendez scandal is being swept under the rug, in large part, because the idea of a grown man paying for sex with underage girls is particularly disgusting to that demographic that has strong traditional family values. Rubio, on the other hand, reflects the Hispanic cultural family values and makes a strong case to that community (and others) for the GOP.

In our hyper-racially-sensitive, PC culture, it is blatant hypocrisy on the part of the media to destroy Rubio because he is Hispanic and Republican yet protect Menendez because he is Hispanic and Democrat.