Today marks a new first in television journalism. Normally, it’s the networks’ job to cover news events. Except for Fox News. They no longer just cover events. They now create events first — and then cover them.

Take today’s so-called “Tea Parties.” Without Fox News, they wouldn’t exist.

Yes, they were designed, planned and paid for by three right-wing organizations: FreedomWorks, dontGo, and Americans for Prosperity. But they were promoted — exclusively! — on Fox News.

You didn’t hear about the “Tea Parties” anywhere else, did you? But for the last week, Fox News personalities Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Stuart Varney, Megan Kelley and others turned themselves into carnival barkers for the events — and every Fox program devoted several segments to building them up.

In other words, today’s “Tea Parties” are totally manufactured, and totally meaningless, events. And their timing is just a little suspicious.

Sure, a lot of Americans are angry over government spending. But where was this gang for the last eight years, when George Bush racked up the biggest budgets, biggest deficits and biggest national debt? Nowhere!

How many protests did they organize on April 15, 2008? Zero!

And how much stink did they raise when George Bush gave a $700 billion bailout to Wall Street banks? None!

It’s no mystery why these Tea Parties suddenly popped up under Barack Obama. Don’t be fooled. They’re not spontaneous, grassroots events. They’re carefully orchestrated events, dreamed up by conservative organizations and pumped up by Fox News, to embarrass President Obama.

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