I don’t usually write about stuff that affects my clients, but today I have to get something off my chest.

This is not on behalf of my client (Newscorp), so what I say right now is not in any way, shape or form reflective of any position they may take.

In this day and age, with the approval ratings of the Congress, I think it is absolutely insane for any member of Congress to advocate taking the remote control away from the public. I don’t care if it is in defense of children. (And yes, I have a small child.)

We are the undisputed world leader in entertainment. If you go to any other country in the world, they first look at our stuff before they turn on their stuff.

You know why? Because government has stayed the hell out of it. 

But some senators now think that they have a duty to protect kids from violence on television. They don’t know how to do it constitutionally, but by God they are going to try.

I have an idea. Tell parents not to let their kids watch television.

We have a drinking age. Maybe we should have a viewing age.

But please, don’t have a government censor tell me and other adults what we can and can’t watch.

If I want to have big government edit movies for me, I will move to communist China.  But since I live in America, I think we should just leave well enough alone.

Seeing a Republican FCC chairman team with a Democratic Senate chairman to recommend a more robust interventionist role for the government in content creation makes my head spin.

Republicans used to be for small government. And Democrats used to defend free speech.

Now they seem to want to conspire to take "24" away from me and millions of other Americans.

I have a simple message for the politicians who believe government should get in the movie business: Keep your hands off my remote control.