True Blue: Who Knew?

It doesn’t really matter that Democrats won back control of Congress; most Americans still prefer Republican ideals. Or, as Brit Hume pronounced on election night 2006, “from what we could see from all the polling and everything else, it remains a conservative country.” Oh, yeah?

That’s the conventional wisdom we hear from the mainstream media. And now we know it’s absolute bunk. A new study by Media Matters for America and the Campaign for America’s Future shows that on most issues, across the board, Americans are true-blue liberals ... and much more liberal than most members of Congress.

For example: Fifty-eight percent of Americans want more government action, not less. On stem cells, 61 percent favor more federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

And the list goes on: Sixty-seven percent say immigration is a good thing for this country today. Seventy-six percent say providing national healthcare is more important than maintaining the Bush tax cuts. And a sizeable majority approve of gays serving openly in the military.

So, let Democrats in Congress take note: They don’t have to be so timid. They don’t have to worry about being too liberal, not anymore. They can be bold, take a liberal position on almost every issue — and the American people will be behind them.

Americans may have been a conservative people once, but the times, they are a-changin’. Today, most Americans are proud liberals. You just never hear about it in the media.

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