Dick Morris predicts epic humongous historic gigantic unprecedented Democratic disaster!

What I like about Morris is that he writes the same column every week. I guess that is good, a time-saver for the writer and the reader alike.

I would like to hear his explanation for the following: how come when the Gallup poll showed Democrats behind an epic historic unprecedented 10 points the right-wing jamboree was hailing the coming of the conservative Messiahs, but the next week, when the same poll showed the Democrats had surged 10 points and were even, they had nothing to say about that?

Hell hath no fury like a pollster scorned, eh?


Impotent, limp and gutless

“It’s okay to be a man.” — Kurt Cobain, Journals

Decades back, as I recall, Pete Hamill, New York’s great journalist, wrote a piece titled “The End of Machismo.” Machismo was a word that had come into fashion meaning exaggerated masculinity, but it came to be used to refer to any man who was just a man.

The thing is it didn’t end, because it can’t. Machismo/manhood went into exile in Tony Soprano’s New Jersey. And what masterful troupe acting came from that. But the only ones allowed then the free and noble play of honor, love, family, sin, commitment and responsibility were fictitious New Jersey gangsters.


Mean Katie Couric and crybaby Sarah Palin

Regarding this latest pittypatter about what Katie Couric allegedly said off camera about Palin and Co., here's my advice to Sarah Palin and her fans in the right-wing media. Give it a rest, get a life, move on.

In the famous interview, remember how Palin could not remember what newspapers she read in the morning. Remember how she claimed as foreign policy experience that she could see Russia when she looked over the water. And so forth. Give me a break.


Need for self-examination

The nastiness of Washington is an excellent example of how civility and respect have lost their way in our nation. With that truism in mind, I believe it’s time for a little self-examination.

For this author to continue to single out the Democratic Party over issues such as the health debate is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think? They did not start the “death panel” nonsense, for example. I think we all do our credibility and arguments a disservice when we continue to be partisan at a time when both sides of the aisle are mired in name-calling, prevaricating and pursuits that do not have the interests of the people they represent at heart.


The new Federal Register: ' meets USA Today'

Fbdisplay The Open Government Initiative has a lot to do with telling people what's going on in Washington and providing way better return for the taxpayer dollar.

One next step is the Federal Register 2.0, a site that communicates what's going on in ways that make for a more natural read. They say it's like meets


Jerry Brown on Cavuto

Jerry Brown, California's attorney general who is running for governor, was on Cavuto last night going after the corrupt officials who are making up to $800,000 in city jobs.

He is right is declaring Meg Whitman the super-rich candidate, but she is not alone in this. He is wrong in calling for a federal bailout, saying some of the money “going to AIG” should go to California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the same point last year and Obama’s people rejected it quickly. They might have been watching Glenn Beck, who was making the important point that it would be the healthy internal states that would be bailing out the broke and debt-ridden Golden State with its $800,000 small-city managers. But Jerry Brown should be listened to. He brings to California an opportunity.


Who are 'they'?

It’s hot outside. Too hot for a summer stroll or any sort of outdoor activity. So yesterday morning, I settled in for some riveting Sunday talk show action.

Aside from the usual histrionics surrounding the Sherrod racial episode and the “necessary dialogues” on race the mainstream media feels compelled to hold every other month just so it can sleep well at night, the latest argument to follow in Washington is what to do over the expiring Bush tax cuts.


Obama fears Drudge, Fox News, Breitbart

We learned something very important in the matter of Shirley Sherrod. We learned the full magnitude of fear in the Obama White House. Fear of the conservative media infrastructure. Fear of conservative Republican attacks. Fear of the race issue itself. Fear of Drudge. Fear of Breitbart. Fear of Fox. Fear of being attacked even without cause.

Even after the white couple that Sherrod allegedly did not help emerged with full-blown support for Sherrod and gratitude that she saved their farm, the White House still, even then, publicly backed Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's firing of her.


The lynching of Shirley Sherrod

It is wrong when an entire Tea Party movement is smeared with the false charge of racism. It is wrong when Shirley Sherrod is smeared by a right-wing media that distorts the truth and tries to destroy this woman through character assassination. It is wrong when the president of the United States and the secretary of Agriculture cower in fear of righ-wing media and execute the lynching of Shirley Sherrod.

Let’s see if MSNBC can rise to the occasion of recognizing that not all Tea Partiers are racists and that criticizing Fox News and Glenn Beck is not enough. In this matter it was unconscionable for the White House to execute the lynching before learning the facts or trying the case.


Steve Jobs & Sarah Palin: Soul mates

Who knew Steve Jobs had so much in common with Sarah Palin? Or Michele Bachmann or the others shouting from their Tea cups?

All of them despise the media for daring to shed harsh light on their crusades as they crush anyone in their way who might want to erect a few barriers of truth to confront their steamrollers.

These hated troublemakers are the ones who insist on asking the tough questions and reporting the embarrassing answers and/or deceptions from those politicians and entrepreneurs who have gotten used to spreading their messages with no resistance whatsoever.