Susan Rasky, R.I.P.

Susan was an original. She was brash, brilliant, passionate, funny, idealistic, professional and fearless in her reporting.


GOP decision to drop networks only tunes out voters

This morning, representatives at the RNC Summer Meeting voted not to work with NBC and CNN during the 2016 presidential election. Prompting this decision are documentaries on Hillary Clinton each network intends to air, which Republicans view as a sign the networks are not in their camp. 

Yes, we all know the mainstream media is liberal. Yawn. Let’s move on. 

Cutting two of the biggest networks out of the mix is a huge mistake for the GOP. If Republicans should have learned anything after 2012 it’s that they failed to engage adequately with voters, perhaps most notably with women. 


Remembering Jack Germond

Jack Germond was one of the best political reporters of his time, and as he said when I interviewed him as he watched the 2008 election from the sidelines, "I was a reporter for 50 years, getting paid for something I would have paid them to do."


Bury the Hillary movies

When the chairman of the Republican National Committee and the Clinton brain trust agree on anything, I am inclined to grasp my wallet with both hands. 

They both agree that the surge of Hillary Clinton "entertainment," including and particularly by NBC, is a bad idea. They are both right and dramatize the points I made in my new column, "Citizen Bezos," about the future of The Washington Post and the flood of insider nonsense that passes for political discourse these days.


Ron Paul's television channel will be a huge hit

Kudos to Judy Kurtz for her story in The Hill last week about the new Ron Paul television channel that is set to debut this summer. I hope there is some way for Neilson to give ratings for the Ron Paul channel, which can be previewed at, because this is going to be a very huge hit.

During the 2012 campaign I suggested that when the dust settles, Paul should get a cable show. Paul outdid this. He is starting his own channel.


Rand Paul for president (or Ted Cruz)

With a season of dissent circling Washington, reporters now, the infamous mainstream media — especially those associated with the White House Correspondents' Association dinner — will begin to bail and join the revolution. 

Once again it may begin to mean something to be a writer as it did to Ida Tarbell and Carl Bernstein and young'uns may flock again to journalism schools as they did after the Woodward and Bernstein days. An era is upon us, and a new generation, always an equal and opposite counterpoint of the last, will rise with it.


Sarah Palin, Tea Party save America

This morning from The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker: "Breaking news: Conservative organizations suddenly have found common cause with one of their favorite objects of contempt — the benighted Mainstream Media ... Or as the tea party queen and former Alaska governor likes to put it, the ‘lamestream media.’ In a twist of irony, the two groups have coalesced around a common enemy: the U.S. government.”

The Tea Party queen here is, of course, Sarah Palin. Interesting, because Parker was among the first to announce, when Palin first arrived on the scene, that Palin was “out of her league.”


Obama unmasked

Friday’s bombshell admission that the IRS has been targeting political opponents since 2010 may have been trumped on Monday as it was revealed that the Obama Justice Department used its immense information gathering power against Associated Press reporters.

What a disaster for the Obama administration.