Dates to mark. They will change the times.

Janu. 11: “Zero Dark Thirty,” which tells the story of the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden, is released to the public. Said to be one of the most effective movies ever made. There is no substitute for success and President Obama killed Osama bin Laden. It will be his story as well.


This is getting crazier and crazier

Did I dream this, or have questions been asked about the legality of "Meet the Press" host David Gregory holding up an empty gun magazine on television while interviewing NRA mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre? Even after NBC asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if there was any legal question about doing so and was told “no,” some experts now allege that it is a crime to publicly display an empty magazine, carrying a penalty of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. NRA advocates reportedly complained to NBC.

It's legal to carry a loaded weapon in schools, bars, churches, wherever, but not to hold an empty magazine before a camera while discussing the subject of gun control?


The Drudge debate

First let me express my thanks, appreciation and respect to Matt Drudge for publishing my open letter to him about race-related stories. As I wrote to him, I am fully confident that in his personal relationships Drudge is a gentleman of integrity and fairness. This is a debate about professional standards. Let me respond here to some of the comments and private email I have received.

Most of the private reaction I have received, of which there was much, was thoughtful and friendly, including from many Republicans and including from some very high-level Republicans whom I promised not to identify but who thanked me for offering the advice I offered to Mr. Drudge and Republicans.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

You know what's actually intriguing is that gas prices are at record-high levels and it seems as though (thanks to the media with a Democrat in the White House) we have grown accustomed to $3- to $4-per-gallon gasoline.

We have also (again thanks to Obama's media PR machine) grown accustomed to sluggish economic growth and 8-plus-percent unemployment. In addition to this, we no longer seem to be alarmed by our rapidly declining international stature.


Distorting the truth

It's time for the media and politicians to stop using selective phrases to attack their opponents.
By nitpicking these phrases for a political attack or a story, the meaning of these phrases is distorted and exaggerated. They are so distorted and exaggerated by the end of the day that these attacks hold little truth.
Take Romney’s observation on Obama’s latest statement, for example.


Pat Caddell is no liberal — more proof

Pat Caddell is a fixture on Fox News and routinely presented as a Democrat who cut his teeth doing polling for Jimmy Carter, before that George McGovern; and, after that, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart and Joe Biden; in other words, Caddell’s resume puts him solidly left of center. 

I’ve watched him scores of times on Sean Hannity’s show, and he agrees with Hannity almost all the time.

Caddell is back in the news as one of the lead people behind a group called SecureAmericaNow, which is running an ad in Florida, targeted at Jewish voters, and featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning that the world sleeps as Iran develops nuclear weapons. “The world tells Israel, 'Wait. There’s still time.’ And I say, 'Wait for what? Wait until when?' ... The world needs American strength, not apologies.”


Tina Brown should sell Newsweek, Al Gore should buy Newsweek, women and liberals should boycott Newsweek

All I can say after Tina Brown's slanderous and scandalous attack on Barack Obama, written by Niall Ferguson, bannered on the cover of Brown's now-disfigured remnant of what was once a great weekly news magazine, is: Poor Tina. Poor Newsweek. Poor journalism. My guess is things ain't going so great with subscribers, advertising and revenue at Newsweek. In a previous incarnation of failure, Newsweek ran a cover of Sarah Palin in short pants, in a pathetic marketing play for the far right. Now Brown resorts to the old standby: Obamahate. What will she think of next week? Perhaps a beefcake shot of Paul Ryan while he attacks Medicare and a woman's right to choose.


Romney vs. the European political and economic agenda

The media have made quite an ordeal over Romney's statement that there could be some problems associated with security as Great Britain hosts the Olympic Games. Obviously, his comment wasn't meant to demean Great Britain; he simply wanted to say that in today's world, security is needed at any event where there are a large number of people and where much media attention is focused. As Romney becomes more skilled in dealing with the nitpicking press, he will learn to more artfully state his case. He has moved on to Israel and will be going to Poland today, where his reception has been and will be extremely warm, primarily because the Obama administration is not perceived in a positive light in either of those places.


The new Munro Doctrine

Sam Donaldson would be rolling over in his grave if he weren’t still alive. The foghorn-voiced broadcaster who boomed questions after fleeing presidents never shied away from asking the tough ones.

What a difference a generation makes.

The penned White House media have allowed this administration to turn them into props representing the Fourth Estate without actually acting like it.

Neil Munro might have changed all that.


Media herd is far too negative about Obama right now

One of the great things about Steve Jobs is that he gave the world the iPod, iPad and Apple TV so that when the political reporting herd becomes completely ridiculous I can create my own albums of Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Yves Montand to complement my selection of Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams and Bob Dylan. Instead of spending unhealthy time listening to what passes for political commentary, one can enjoy the finer things in life. (If anyone is interested in these things, please advise, I would love to do an iPod and Apple TV piece.) In the meantime, it is a 50-50 election, and the media herd jib-jab that is now piling on Obama is far out of control.