The current fad of the D.C. talking-head set is to mock, ridicule and marginalize the Tea Party. The more successful its candidates are, the greater the cries of “Teatards.”

“How dare they upset the establishment and not rubber-stamp politicians who happily proclaim the ability to bring home the pork! The gall of wanting fiscal responsibility! Do they not know that real politics does not deal in principles?!”

The GOP establishment embraced the Tea Party as long as they thought they could control it. Now folks like Karl Rove decry it.

The Democrats cynically call it AstroTurfing, decry it as racist and then lick their chops when Tea Party candidates win primaries, only to start looking desperate and fearful as those “crazy tea baggers” started polling ahead of or statistically even with liberal candidates.

The Tea Party should not be trivialized! This is the voice of the people. Dismissing them because they don’t want to accept “politics as usual” means the establishments of BOTH parties do not respect the American people.

The Tea Party doesn’t have a leader, only coattails, and that’s a strength! It forces each candidate to listen to the local concerns of their constituencies, not some “head” who arbitrarily decides an official platform. The platform is simple — STOP wasting our tax dollars!

Some “experts” claim the Tea Party only affects Republicans, but that’s not true. Throughout the country we are seeing Democratic candidates run away from Pelosi and their party to tout their independence and fiscal responsibility. When was the last time you saw so many politicians run away from their greatest “achievements”?

If the Tea Party and its message are so trite, why are officials on both sides privately telling me this is the best thing to happen to the parties in a long time? Simple — because it’s forcing candidates to finally start listening.

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