Many rank-and-file Tea Party voters are good and decent people who share the same concerns about a distorted economy that are shared by many Americans, including many Democrats. However, the rise of many Tea Party candidates who are weirdos, wackos, cranks and extremists has ended the chances that Republicans win control of the Senate, and may destroy the chances that Republicans win control of the House.

While Sharron Angle has made comments that are demeaning and slanderous about jobless workers, Christine O'Donnell makes one wacko comment after another and may now have problems with her taxes. While the Tea Party candidate for governor of New York virtually threatens to beat up a reporter for the New York Post, the Republican candidate for governor of California appears to have a big problem with hiring an illegal immigrant, and now offers to take a lie detector test.

In this headlong rush to the radical right there are Republican candidates across the nation threatening to dismember Social Security, to cut programs for jobs, to impose pain on Medicare recipients and to leave American consumers at the mercy of banks, without consumer protection.

With the bipartisan commission investigating BP's conduct regarding the oil spill believing that BP is covering up information, the Senate Republicans now support the alleged BP cover-up by preventing the commission from having the power of the subpoena.

You gotta love these Republicans. They threaten to abuse the rules of the House of Representatives with a wave of subpoenas to investigate Democrats if they win control, but they prevent subpoenas to investigate BP.

I guess Republicans who once said they would apologize to BP now want to protect them. Every voter who agrees with them, raise your hand!

Meanwhile, in a growing number of polls the Democrats are showing signs of life, and the Democratic base is starting to stir. Democrats still have big problems, but the election is getting closer. Every new wacko comment, weirdo position and bizarre incident only rallies the Democratic base and makes more independents more worried about what happens if Republicans win.

It is no coincidence that Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonTrump, taxpayers want Title X funding protected from abortion clinics President Trump’s historic rescissions package is a welcome step to cut wasteful spending America will be stronger with our immigration policy based on facts MORE now towers above all major Republicans in public support. It should worry Republicans who tried to impeach Clinton while he was balancing the budget and creating jobs, that Clinton is now everywhere fighting for Democrats.

I will leave it to some of my colleagues to tout the Tea Party leaders. The way it looks to me, they just might save the Democratic Congress, because America is not a nation of weirdos, wackos, and extremists.