The hardest part for any successful political movement is the moment it succeeds; the Tea Party is at such a point. Complaining is easy, governing is hard. Tea Party organizations such as Dick Armey’s Freedom Works and the Tea Party Express promise to remain as a Sword of Damocles, ready to fall   on any wayward Tea Partiers or Elephants that fail to adhere to fiscal responsibility by cultivating and funding primary challengers against perceived traitors. Expectations must be tempered. The Tea Party augmented the GOP, but the GOP controls only the House. The Dems still control the Senate and White House.  

This means gridlock. ObamaCare can’t be repealed as they do not have enough votes to override, however they can craft a budget that splits the difference between Obama’s dreams and Tea Party idealism. It’s easy to be disappointed, but consider the following: Congress will have to decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling in March.

The Tea Party is opposed to such action, yet a government shut down did not help the Republicans back in 1995 and could damage conservatives again. So what will it be, taking the brunt of criticism for unpopular policy or giving ground on idealism?
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