Close enough to this: “I had never any doubts of the stability of our institutions, till the subject given to Andrew Jackson in 1824 for President of the United States,” wrote Jefferson. “… a man who in every situation he has filled, either civil or military, has made it a rule to DISOBEY ORDERS and SUBSTITUTE HIS OWN WILL FOR LAW” (emphasis his).

But it is a good day for Sarah Palin when the opposition targets you as public enemy: it frames you as the anti-karma; the dark wing. The darkest moment so far in this shadow coalition of the willing was when the eastern liberal establishment became the coat carriers of the South’s rural antebellum, conservative establishment last spring, standing in sullen and accommodating silence as it rose again in South Carolina to destroy the life and family of Nikki Haley, soon to be inaugurated as the first young, female, dark-skinned governor of this former slave state. She was only saved from the political equivalence of blood on the tracks when Mitt Romney came to her aid. And Sarah Palin.

Probably the most mature and steady hand here is Mitt Romney. He is the champion of the Bipartisan Anti-Palins (BAPs), crusty old Cheneys now hand-in-hand in anti-Palinism with eastern liberals, but he has consistently come to Palin’s support and he hovers above them. And Sarah Palin hovers above them as well.