The New Republic has a great cover this week that reads, “Hillary’s Nightmare: A Democratic Party that realizes that its soul lies with Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenJuan Williams: Trump gives life to the left Elizabeth Warren urges grads to fight for 'what is decent' in current political climate Tomi Lahren responds to genealogist's investigation of her family: 'She failed miserably' MORE instead.” It should have been obvious from the first. But the Democratic Party has become the party of ”hipsters” and is possibly not so attentive through the purple haze.

It is the Democrats' own bringing. Agents eight, 10 years ago constantly called for a “rock star” president, as if those attributes associated with rock stars — throwing up in cabs, trashing hotel rooms — would be ideally suited for president of the United States.  And indeed we have today a hipster president who is “kind of blue” in policy though, but cool, so cool. I'm not sure it is working out. Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) is the antidote, considered by liberal lawyer and writer Alan Dershowitz to be one of the brightest in the Senate, an Okie grandmother who loves Tom Brady and knows how to bake cookies. Possibly she can save them before the final descent into a Miley Cyrus smoke dream.

“I’d rather be dead that cool,” Kurt Cobain said well more than a decade ago, but the idea has yet to catch on in the New York/Washington establishment. Indeed, “cool” is now fundamental to the establishment. Warren is the turnstile for a new beginning, and I’d proposed here former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (D) or Montana’s former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) as VP sidekick. To paraphrase a poignant Norman Mailer quote about Beatniks and Protestants and going to the moon, while the Democrats were out getting stoned, the Republicans had surreptitiously conquered the heartland.

But the dark and addictive lure of anima mundi runs in deep waters. It will take more now. To reawaken the Democrats, a primal force will be needed, one like Buck, the indomitable spirit animal of Jack London’s Call of the Wild. I’d suggest Webb.

Can a Warren/Webb 2016 ticket beat a GOP Chris Christie/Jeb Bush 2016 or a Christie/Brian Sandoval (governor of Nevada) ticket in 2016? I doubt it. But it will bring the historic advantage and a leg up to the future.

New Jersey Gov. Christie’s rise now in the Republican Party ironically brings an end to the Clinton Cult, which may account for the timing of the interesting and iconic New Republic cover pitching Warren. Christie will take at least the half of what the Democrats hoped for with Clinton. And as a potential president, he brings hopes of passing from the culture of Kennedy and the monarchist tendency endlessly advancing it by the McLuhanist “feeling” media.

Oddly enough, Christie gives the Democrats the opportunity to start again anew from scratch, without Kennedys, without Clintons. With Webb and Warren, they already have. But these Jacksonian Democrats have so far been pushed to the edges by hipster establishment Democrats.

The Republicans have their own cult problems, and at least half of them can think of nothing but Bush. And with that comes billions of dollars of New York money, Henry Kissinger and the National Review crowd. Hard to beat. Christie could cure them by fully engaging the West and bringing in the excellent and well-liked Sandoval.

If he defaults to Bush, there will be trouble because the Republicans have already captured the Jacksonian fire, which should be the Democrats' natural birth right. But instead, the 2,800 miles between hipster LA and hipster Jersey Shore belongs to conservatives today who are splitting the bounty between Texas Sen. Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzSenators near deal on sexual harassment policy change Senate GOP urges Trump administration to work closely with Congress on NAFTA Five Republican run-offs to watch in Texas MORE and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

And they will not go easy into the quiet night.