Rush Limbaugh should apologize to the pope, and Republicans should disown the talk show host for insulting Pope Francis — first by suggesting Francis advocates Marxism and then suggesting that others put words in the pope's mouth.

Conservatives should be worried and upset. Francis directly condemned the trickle-down economics that is their fiscal credo. The proper response from the right is not to attack the pope, but to abandon-trickle down economics.

Jesus taught that we should give up our possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. Limbaugh might call this Marxism. The pope would call this Christianity.

Democrats would call this sound economic policy. Republicans are left holding the bag, with economic policies the public does not like and that Francis explicitly condemns.

Francis follows in the footsteps of a long line of popes who championed the same views. It is ludicrous and insulting for Limbaugh to equate Francis with Marxism.

It is condescending and insulting for Limbaugh to suggest that others tell Francis what to believe, say or write. Limbaugh should apologize to Francis.

Conservatives and Republicans should condemn what Limbaugh says. Voters should again reject trickle-down economics.

A Republican Party that is tarnished by the insults of Limbaugh and the policies of Mitt Romney and the Tea Party is a political party in big trouble indeed.