Not content to oppose efforts to promote pay equity for women, Republicans are battling against stronger efforts to protect battered women. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, escalating his unsuccessful pandering to the right, has set his sights against Planned Parenthood. I assume the plan is for the GOP to seek votes from those who cheat women on salary and beat women physically. Bad plan. Republicans, like Ron Paul, will have to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

Republicans will claim they are all for women, but this is about ideology. Fair enough. So bet it. Let the debate begin. Actions and ideology have real consequences. The consequences for women under Republicans are severe, which is why women are voting for Democrats in huge numbers.

I recently called the gender gap intergalactic. Time for a stronger term. I am working to invent one. Republicans can say what they want in their conservative salons of hardline ideology, but the women of America suffer the consequences and will not stand for it.