Don't miss the story in The Hill about Karl Rove calling Nancy Pelosi the "Mad Red Queen.” I guess the war against women takes many forms. Rove never uses that kind of language to describe men. Of course what Rove said was sexist. Obviously Pelosi is getting into Rove's head. Does this suggest he fears Democrats might take back the House? Methinks he does. Come on, Karl, cut the sexism out of your act. It is an insult to women. And get with the program and support pay equity for women!

I notice a group of conservative women are going to spend a lot of money attacking the president, who supports pay equity for women.

Do conservative women who are Republican operatives favor their being paid less than male Republicans? If so, I will fight for their rights, too! Their female donors, though, might ask for their money back and donate it, instead, to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. They should help Pelosi become Speaker again, and support Harry ReidHarry ReidChris Murphy’s profile rises with gun tragedies Republicans are headed for a disappointing end to their year in power Obama's HHS secretary could testify in Menendez trial MORE's battles on the Senate floor to achieve pay equity for all women, including conservative women who are inexcusably paid less than male Republicans!

As they say, if you want to live like a Republican, vote for the Democrats, which is true for conservative women above all!