In reply to my brother Armstrong Williams, it is the right that is at war with American exceptionalism and President Obama who correctly quotes Scripture in favor of helping those in need and correctly quotes patriots in favor of an America in which we are all in this together.

It is not American exceptionalism to ask young people to die in war while asking the most wealthy to bathe in the luxury of tax cuts. It is not American exceptionalism to insult women with talk of legitimate rape, to insult capitalism with excuses for women being paid less than men, or to quote the church in support of cutting programs that help the poor, as the Republican nominee for vice president did before being reprimanded by many who wear the cloth.

It is an anomaly of our times that the red meat of extremism thrown to the mob wins so many cheers from the relative few, while being so powerfully rejected by the many, who understand American exceptionalism far better than they do. There are reasons that the champions of this pseudo-American exceptionalism, which warps and distorts the notions of Americanism in the service of greed and extremism and self-interest and fear that our Founders would hold in contempt, keep losing elections.

The crybabies of the right, who were so triumphalist in the closing days of the last campaign when they convinced each other that their champion Romney would win, when they chortled with glee about Romney's demeaning of half the nation in his absurd and infamous speech, when they stood tall with some who call rape legitimate, when they misquoted faith in favor of hurting the blessed poor, now, in the valley of their political demise, whine that their opponents want to annihilate them, when in truth they annihilated themselves in the eyes of those who choose our leaders.

Let them whine, let them cry, let them scream, let them yell, let them wave their faith in support of hurting the poor, let them wave their flag in support of more money for the rich, let them attack, let them accuse, let them banner their delusions in their media, let them do all the things that losers of elections do, but let them understand this:

It is the right that annihilates American exceptionalism.

It is the voters of America, not President Obama, who annihilated the right in recent elections and will keep doing so until they learn their lesson.