Keep your eye on Meghan McCain, John's daughter and one of the savviest young Republicans in the nation.

Meghan is the future of the Republican Party, a true maverick who believes in a Republicanism of Teddy Roosevelt and not the Republicanism of Bush, Cheney, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor and the fringe-right that dominates Republicanism today.

Listen to Republican leaders in Congress, and you’ll hear tired talk, old ideas, bankrupt thinking from the dead hand of the past. Listen to the rightists and haters of the Republican extreme, and you hear voices that come dangerously close to feelings of almost violent anger. Read even the Republican pundits here on The Hill's Pundits Blog, and you read insults, platitudes, bromides and clichés with nary a serious policy idea for the nation.

Meghan McCain is a young lady at an early stage in her career. She is learning, without selling out. She is speaking out, and holding her own against far more experienced hands. When Laura Ingraham called her fat, Meghan made her look like a clown, as Ingraham did when she smeared correspondents in Iraq by falsely accusing them of never leaving their hotel, when in truth they were doing some courageous work under dangerous conditions, at times losing their lives.

Meghan has far more class, and smarts, than that.

I often say that Americans of the rightist persuasion — and rightist is a better descriptor than conservative — are radical and deviant compared to leading conservatives around the world who actually have ideas and policies. Imagine: conservatives, real conservatives, who want to protect the planet and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Imagine that!

Yessiree Bob, watch Meghan McCain, a real hope for thinking Republicans and thinking conservatives, in the Teddy Roosevelt tradition of Republicans. A true maverick, a real independent, a young lady with values and smarts who does far better on television than the anger management problems of the far right or the Madame Tussaud do-nothing Republican mannequins that haven't had a new idea since Reagan.

I hope Meghan McCain runs for office. Who knows? I might even support her. Or who knows? She might decide to run as a Democrat, as Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln surely would, if they were here today!