The world is graced with a pope who champions the cause of the poor to the high and mighty who far too often have ears that do not hear and eyes that do not see the hunger and pain of the poor who are far too often hidden and ignored among us — and far too often punished by the powerful and the partisan as we witnessed in the House this Thursday. 

No issue — I repeat, no issue — is more important to federal policy, federal politics and the American idea than whether we care enough to help those who suffer in our land, especially the children, especially the babies, especially the hungry.

I honor Pope Francis and the bishops and the rabbis and reverends and ministers and those of all faiths, and all politics, who believe we should protect the poor and not punish the children. 

House Republicans will lose this battle. They will lose because the president will veto this travesty if it ever comes before him. They will lose because Senate Democrats will not stand for it. They will lose because there are Senate Republicans who are not prisoners to talking points of radicalism and extremism, and will not join those House Republicans who seek to punish hungry children in America.