There are no moderates left in the Republican Party today. At least, none who will stand up or speak out. Instead, the Republican Party today is defined by:

•    Tea baggers who call President Obama a socialist and traitor

•    Talk show hosts who call him a racist

•    Town hall crazies who won’t let anyone else speak

•    Phony protestors who carry racially-charged anti-Obama signs

•    Gun nuts who show up bearing arms at presidential events

•    and Joe WilsonJoe WilsonRepublicans pan Kerry's Israel speech GOP rep wants Trump to loosen rules for US troops fighting Taliban Trump: Cancel Boeing's contract for Air Force One MORE, who calls the president a liar, violating longstanding rules of the House, and then refuses to apologize to his fellow House members.

The way it looks today, they should rename the Republican Party the “Ugly Party.” If I were a Republican, I’d be embarrassed.

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