New York-23 is a perfect example of the crazies gone wild. Hoffman lost fair and square in the nominating process. But folks like the Club for Growth would not stand for it and poured money into the race. Grass roots, my foot, or whatever. They did the same in a primary in Idaho in 2006, which led to the nomination of a true nutball, disliked by both parties, Bill Sali. They bought him a House seat with over a million bucks — a seat the Republicans, with a normal person, could have held in perpetuity. But Democrat Walt Minnick came right back and took it with the help of Republicans and moderates. Thank you, Club for Growth.

Now they want to beat Charlie Christ in Florida, Rob Simmons in Connecticut, Mark KirkMark Steven KirkHigh stakes as Trump heads to Hill Five things to watch for at Trump-Senate GOP meeting Giffords, Scalise highlight party differences on guns MORE in Illinois, maybe even knock off Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah. Be my guest.

If they win this seat in NY-23, the Sarah Palins and Rush Limbaughs will be crowing from the rooftops. Watch out if you aren’t one of them — you will become the enemy faster than you can say Ed Brooke. Our way or the highway.

I hate to say it, but probably good for Democrats, as Newt says great for President Obama in 2012. But, folks, bad for the country.