The tidal wave of small donations for Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (D-Ark.) to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the Arkansas Senate primary will later be viewed as the Lexington and Concord for the liberal base in 2010. Halter is an authentic populist in the Theodore Roosevelt tradition. He represents exactly what Democrats should stand for and fight for in the election.

While Glenn Beck attacks Teddy Roosevelt as a socialist, Democrats such as Halter are fighting for true populist positions and an end to the rip-offs from banks, insurers and many others.

I have recently been calling for a groundswell and mobilization of the Democratic base for Democrats in the House of Representatives who fought for and won major issues in that chamber. That will soon emerge. The truth is that the Democrats in the House have fought for and won on many major issues, which is why Time magazine last year named Nancy Pelosi as runner-up for Person of the Year.

It is time major media report this. House Democrats pass major progressive bills and anti-majority, obstructionist Senate Republicans in the grips of right-wing extremists destroy hopes for change by seeking to destroy majority rule in America.

The liberal base is being roused. The liberal base is fed up with rip-offs and con games from Washington. The liberal base is ready to wage primary challenges against Democrats who fail to fight for Democratic values and the liberal base is ready to wage all-out struggle against right-wing Republicans and their obstructionist, anti-change, anti-majority, anti-democratic, anti-worker, anti-consumer attempts to bring back the politics of Karl Rove and the policies of George W. Bush.

The hundreds of dollars of small donations from the base have become thousands. The thousands have become hundreds of thousands. The hundreds of thousands are about to become millions and tens of millions of dollars for real change, to support those who fight for real people against special interests.

Most of the inside-Washington pundits will be the last to know, but this does not matter. The people are roused. The liberal base is becoming roused. The great unspoken truth of 2010 is that the liberal base speaks for the American people far more than the polyester populists of right-wing Republicanism who claim to be for the people while taking dirty money from those who abuse the people.

The liberal base is roused. Let the great debate begin.