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National Party News

Steele is a goner

As much as I hate to do it, here is a little advice for the Republicans. Get rid of Michael Steele. This guy is a migraine that won’t go away.


Newt the truthsayer

Let's bend over backward to be fair to Newt Gingrich. He contends his comments were misconstrued.

The Washington Post suggested that in warning Democrats they'd pay a huge political price for healthcare reform, he was saying it would be similar to the huge success the Republicans had achieved when they exploited the resentment of bigots and extremists after landmark civil rights legislation passed in the ’60s.


The Republican bondage scandal

This is too good to be true. It now appears as though the Republican National Committee authorized spending of almost $2,000 for an establishment that featured bondage. Of course, there are endless permutations for Democrats to suggest what this latest episode tells us about Republicans, but since I always take the high road, here are some key points:

This scandal was unearthed by (or handed to) the Daily Caller, the site founded by Tucker Carlson, a respected journalist who landed a great scoop. Who knows what is next, after the bondage affair, which raises some serious issues:


GOP at it again

Any and all threats to lawmakers supporting the healthcare reform law are out of line, uncivil and unacceptable and the Republicans (and Democrats) who opposed the bill should continue, as long as it continues, to disavow all of it as firmly and clearly as they can. 
Let's be clear: The GOP doesn't own criticism of the reform law and cannot be blamed for every threat. There are many Democrats and independents who oppose the law. But as I said in my column today, the Republican Party can be hurt by the behavior of people who agree with them and their new "repeal" message will make things worse.


What planet do the Tea Partiers live on? And many Republicans, too

A new Harris poll tells it all. 

The misrepresentation of President Barack Obama is truly incredible. 

25 percent of Americans believe that he was not born in the U.S. and so is not eligible to be president. (45 percent of Republicans) 

23 percent believe he is a racist. (42 percent of Republicans) 


The Republican right’s Waterloo

David Frum had it right — here is one conservative Republican who understands where this is all headed. His column on Sunday night hit his party hard and even held that its performance these last few months on healthcare would not lead to Obama’s Waterloo, but its own.

The Republican Party is rewarding the crazies — it is encouraging the crazies. What better way to whip up anger into a frenzy than to put forward the Michele Bachmanns of the world, the Limbaughs, the Becks, and follow that with the unbelievable performance by John Boehner on the House floor? With cries of “baby killer” toward Bart Stupak — outrageous. 


‘Hope America Fails Republicans’ terrified of positive jobs news

Today's unemployment numbers were nothing to write to mom about, but they will create fear in the hearts of Republicans who hope America fails because they desperately want President Obama to fail. The mediocre jobs numbers today suggest the probability of a strong jobs number next month, with winter ending, spring coming and the snowstorms over.

Republicans try to play the fear card, but the real fear is Republicans afraid that jobs come back after the latest Republican recession.


Republican National Committee advocates a party of hate

The issue is not merely the fundraising poster that was an open call to fear and hate using language and pictures that no major American political party has ever used. The issue is that the modern Republican Party does not have opponents, it has enemies. The modern Republican Party does not seek to win a debate, it seeks to destroy its opponents.


The liberal Democratic base is roused

The liberal Democratic base that won in 2006 and 2008 is roused again. The Republican Party that is engulfed by extremism from the radical right will now be challenged from the heartland of America by the liberal base that is far more in touch with mainstream American values. Let Glenn Beck attack Theodore Roosevelt as a socialist while populist Democrats from the base fight for principles and policies that Americans want.


The Vichy Republicans: Striving for mediocrity ...

The New York Times’s venomous and possibly deranged Frank Rich, who associated Sarah Palin with terrorism in his Sunday column this week, borrows from his previous archrival George Will in the claim that the White She Devil is a critter from hell and anyway, she will never be elected.

While Letterman is suddenly hugging up to Mitt Romney as his alter ego in L.A., Jay Leno restarts again on a positive note with a visit by the White She Devil, the Wolf Girl Incarnate, the Slayer, the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. But what is most telling comes up in Texas in the middle, where the Romney team, including Cheney, H.R. Bush, Boy George’s proxy Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, has lined up to take out Perry in his primary race against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. White She Devil supports Perry.