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National Party News

Is Ted Cruz just another Bad Santa?

Apparently, the heavy burden of being exceptional to one another 24/7 is starting to take its toll on Republicans. But the Tea Party is possibly worse.


Sarah Palin says Pope Francis is a liberal

Before anyone on the right gets excited by delusions of grandeur, let me ask: Do Republicans think they will win Catholic voters by sending Sarah Palin to CNN to say Pope Francis is a liberal?


Can Elizabeth Warren save 'hipster' Democrats?

The New Republic has a great cover this week that reads, “Hillary’s Nightmare: A Democratic Party that realizes that its soul lies with Elizabeth Warren instead.” It should have been obvious from the first. But the Democratic Party has become the party of ”hipsters” and is possibly not so attentive through the purple haze.


Anti-Tea Party primaries coming

The worm turns, as they say. Now Tea Party members in the House of Representatives who supported the government shutdown will have to increasingly worry about primary challenges from traditional Republicans.



I have to confess that I was not a huge fan of the TV show “Lost,” certainly not nearly as addicted to it as my kids. But the current state of the Republicans, particularly in the House, strikes me as the political equivalent.

The report of a not-so-secret meeting last night at the Tortilla Coast restaurant between Ted Cruz and about 15 to 20 of the most outlandish Republicans from the House was like the crew from “Lost.” The long-abandoned island resembles where these members of the suicide caucus may soon end up, complete with bickering, intrigue and increasingly bizarre behavior.

Actually, many reasonable Republicans would probably just as soon exile this crowd to a desert island somewhere far, far away.


Harry Reid slugs the far-right bully

Like virtually every Democrat, like most independents, like a strong majority of Americans, I am fed up with the bullying anarchism of the Tea Party right in the House of Representatives, which could, as I charged in my latest column, drive America into a default that would crash the markets. 

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the Majority Leader who acts like a majority leader, is mad as hell and not taking it any more. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Speaker who does not always act like a Speaker, and who is goaded and bullied by the junior senator from Texas and Tea Party anarchists in the House, has so far submitted to the blackmail of the bully and caused a shutdown of the government of America.

Not so for Harry Reid. He is fighting back. I stand with Reid. America should not negotiate with terrorists, and Democrats should not negotiate with Tea Party radicals and anarchists who practice the legislative blackmail to shut the government down and threaten to drive the nation into default. No way. 


Finally — the GOP is fighting

There is always a tension between the practicality of winning elections and the desire for ideological purity.

But for many conservatives across the country, in recent years we have been asked to support mainstream candidates who talk a good game but then don’t fight for conservative principles.

The litany of failed mainstream presidential candidates on our side of the aisle tells the tale: President George H.W. Bush (reelection), Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. These are all honorable men, but they are all middle-of-the-road, mainstream, losing candidates.