The recent polling that shows President Obama administering a serious whipping to a generic Republican opponent is a serious warning to Republicans about a Republican brand that is looking too darned weird to many mainstream American voters.

My advice to Republicans: Get off the extremist wing and get with the program with mainstream America.

Why do Republicans oppose new programs that create jobs while giving a prominent place to weirdos like the birthers?

Why do so many extreme Republicans deny science, deny reason and deny climate change while they wage political holy wars against National Public Radio, which is supported by many mainstream Republicans along with Democrats?

Why do Republicans oppose pay equity for women while they launch ideological crusades against Planned Parenthood, which is supported by many mainstream Republicans in heartland America?

If Republicans campaign on a platform of denying science, denying climate change, embracing birthers, attacking National Public Radio, waging war against Planned Parenthood, opposing pay equity for women, attacking jobs programs for Americans and trying to destroy collective bargaining, they are one inch away from being branded as the party of weird.

If Republicans consider presidential nominees including one major candidate who muses about which group of 1950s segregationists he prefers over others, another who is a former bankrupt who demands the birth certificate of the president, another candidate who supports a no-fly zone over Libya before he opposes it and another who is a former governor whose healthcare plan is almost identical to that of the president they absurdly call a socialist, this is a party headed toward big trouble for a brand that many Americans might well conclude is just too weird for the nation.