Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreTwo Norwegian lawmakers nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize There’s no need to panic about the rising sea level When it comes to Iran, America is still running the show MORE has announced a major new climate-change initiative coming this fall. Ron Paul has announced he will not run for reelection and will concentrate his efforts on running for president. Bravo to them both. Two men of high principle.

Al Gore and Ron Paul, two men of integrity with character and passion for what they believe. They are vastly different from each other in most regards, but they share the one thing so missing in American politics. They are conviction politicians. One is running for president today. The other was elected president once, and will be again, though next time he will be inaugurated.

First, Paul. I give Ron Paul great credit — no matter that I disagree with him on many issues — for having the courage of his convictions and the consistency, unlike others in American politics, of believing the same thing on Tuesday that he believed on Monday.

Second, Al Gore. Al Gore is the most qualified person in America to be president. In my view, by far. I give Al Gore great credit for leading the charge on multiple issues central to the future of the world, decade after decade, with the courage of his convictions and the clarity of his commitment.

On the Republican side, whether I agree with them or not, Ron Paul has had more influence on the intellectual content of the GOP than any other candidate for president. His decision not to run for reelection is bold, daring and a statement about how powerful he believes his current mission is.

On the Democratic side, while certain major Democrats retreat, Al Gore leads the charge to save the world, battle the polluters and stand for principle.

I consider Al Gore the true leader and heir to the great Democratic presidents in history, a subject, along with Gore's political future, I will be returning to discuss very soon.