In the first of two big events coming soon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) will host a prayer event at which I hope he joins Jesus in calling for help for the poor, the hurting, the needy, the jobless and the homeless. Will Perry side with Jesus? Or will Perry side with Ayn Rand, the hardcore atheist so admired by Ron Paul, Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanRepublicans are avoiding gun talks as election looms The Hill's 12:30 Report Flake to try to force vote on DACA stopgap plan MORE and many other Republicans?

I welcome prayer though regret that Perry is bringing prayer into presidential politics this way. Since he is, let’s remind Perry and the Tea Party elites that Jesus taught we should sell our possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. Jesus taught we should feed the hungry and clothe the needy. I do not recall Jesus teaching in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy, Wall Street bonuses, large profits for insurers, or siding with polluters who violate their responsibility of stewardship and endanger the planet.

Meanwhile, next week is the Republican Waterloo in Wisconsin. Things are lookin' good for the Dems in the recall battle. Next week may well bring a Democratic Senate in Wisconsin. Next year may well bring the recall of the anti-worker Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Imagine this: It is very possible that before the rooster crows 365 more times, Wisconsin will have a Democratic governor and a Democratic Senate as the 2012 campaign heats up.

With voters in a surly and unhappy mood right now, and Tea Party support falling fast in the polls, not a great time for Wisconsin GOP senators to ask voters to give them two more years, four more years or any more years, eh?

I can't wait for the Scott Walker recall, can you?