Ron Paul and Rick Perry are destined for one of the great clashes in Republican debating history that may lead to the mother of all Ron Paul money bombs. After Perry embarrassed himself by suggesting the Federal Reserve chairman is guilty of treason and then coming dangerously close to inciting violence against the Fed, Perry now pretends to be a monetary-policy expert by quoting things Ron Paul said decades ago.

If Perry wants to be the polyester Ron Paul, he should hire staff to fix his cue cards and teleprompter so he can at least be less than a decade behind Paul. Meanwhile, while Rick Perry does a polyester imitation of Ron Paul on monetary policy, he does an amateur imitation of Dick Cheney on foreign policy, sounding like a born-again neocon, appearing to look for new wars to fight.

Resembling the Slim Pickens character in the Cold War movie who rode atop the atom bomb as it descended to earth waving his cowboy hat and chanting "Yahoo!,” Perry wants to be the war-making candidate in 2012. Ron Paul will have a field day with this in the coming debates. The political bombs will fly between Perry and Paul during the debates, and the Ron Paul mother of all money bombs will fly after the debate, if not before.

Perry is not ready for primetime. Not even close. Give Ron Paul credit for defining the debate, whether one agrees with him or not, but can't Rick Perry at least steal his material of recent months, rather than repeat what Paul said decades ago? Compared to Paul, Perry looks like a warm-up act in a vaudeville performance from the 1950s.

I thought Perry was angling to be vice president in a Ron Paul administration, when I heard his polyester imitation of Paul on monetary policy, until I saw Perry do his polyester imitation of Dick Cheney on foreign policy. No doubt Paul would find Perry unqualified to be his vice president.

Meanwhile, if Rick Perry continues his talk of treason and his threats, he may be the first presidential candidate of a major party to be investigated by law enforcement for hate crimes or incitement to violence.

The coming Republican debates will be the greatest show on earth as Perry does his polyester imitation of Ron Paul on monetary policy, and his amateur imitation of Dick Cheney on foreign policy. The fur will fly and the Ron Paul money bomb will fly with it.