Sarah Palin's speech in Iowa was a political work of art. I mean this as a compliment in the sense of pure political analysis. I certainly don't agree with much of what Palin would do if elected. However, her populist attack on crony capitalism is a direct hit for the kind of politics that would work in 2012 against Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, as well as against Barack ObamaBarack ObamaMadonna on Trump win: 'Women hate women' Gingrich defends Trump's Taiwan call For Trump, foreign policy should begin and end with China MORE and both parties in Washington.

I have previously suggested that Ron Paul and Michele BachmannMichele BachmannWill Trump back women’s museum? Michele Bachmann on Trump victory: ‘God did this’ The right-wing wants a revolution, and we had better pay attention MORE should launch an attack against Rick Perry's "pay for play" special interest giveways in Texas. I believe Perry is a phony conservative and have compared his style to that of Rod Blagojevich. It is not conservative to take Obama stimulus, then raise campaign money from donors who benefit from receiving government grants and serving on government boards and agencies.

I still believe it is unlikely Palin runs in 2012. But if she does, her Iowa speech on Saturday will be a prelude to attacks she will make against Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, who both embody the crony capitalism that Palin condemns.