Rick Perry has as much chance of someday achieving Middle East peace as Pope Benedict does of playing third base for the Baltimore Orioles. Mitt Romney should know better than shooting his mouth off about the Middle East, to keep up with the inexperienced and uninformed Perry, while the president is deeply involved in complicated negotiations at the U.N. aimed at restarting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and avoiding a U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood.

As Joe Scarborough, no sycophant of the Obama White House, said correctly on MSNBC: These outburts for partisan purposes do not help America. And they do not help Israel.

It is not surprising that Rick Perry would shoot from the hip, and shoot from the lip, and make partisan and ignorant statements about the Middle East, which interfere with a presidential negotiation that is important to both Israel and the United States.

It is surprising and sad that Mitt Romney, who should know better, joins Perry in hurting our country, and hurting Israel, with irresponsible and reckless comments in the middle of an intense and delicate negotiation that they should have the common sense to stay out of.