Poor Rick Perry. Under attack from the right for his liberal views on immigration, Gov. Perry becomes Commodore Perry and talks of military action with Mexico. Huh? Ron Paul should and probably will blast Perry for this gosh-awful bad idea. Paul is a credible check and balance against the war faction of the Republicans. America does not need another war, let alone with Mexico. I look forward to Dr. Paul's reaction, a winner for him on this one.

Poor Herman Cain. First he criticizes Perry about the infamous "N"-word issue. Now he is backing off a mile a minute. The things Republicans must do! Let’s cut to the chase:

1. Rick Perry is absolutely and unconditionally not a racist. Period. End of discussion on that point.

2. The issue is how many times Perry walked past that horrendous rock with that horrendous word on it. The Washington Post suggests it was over many years. Perry denies this. While Perry's history of veracity is not sterling — witness his alleged $5,000 donation from a drug company that was in truth much more — let’s wait until the facts become clear. If Perry walked by this horrendous word without taking it down immediately it would be very bad judgment, very insensitive, shameful and disqualifying. But let’s wait for the full facts for now.

3. Rick Perry is grossly unqualified for the presidency. He is accident-prone in the extreme. He would be a disaster for Republicans if nominated. Proposing invasions of other countries ain't gonna help him now.

Perry will self-destruct. It will be bye-bye for his presidential campaign. The only question is exactly how and when. Perry will go the way of Trump.