My personal opinion is that the expression of religious bigotry against Mitt Romney by a Perry supporter Jon Huntsman correctly called a "moron" was deliberately planted by Perry or his staff.

I cannot prove this. I can prove that Rick Perry has repeatedly injected venom into this campaign. It will destroy the Republican Party if he is ever nominated. Once Perry praised the "moron" for "hitting it out of the park" before these sick comments were made, he assumed a moral obligation to denounce the comments and the moron.

Rick Perry will not be nominated. I expect him to drop out sooner than people think, once he realizes his campaign is doomed, before his spends his money, so he can keep the money for other purposes after he drops out.

The key point is: Bigotry has no place in American politics. Rick Perry should denounce both the bigotry and the bigot. Rick Perry should apologize to Mitt Romney. Rick Perry should take his nasty, dirty, ugly brand of politics to some other party, in some other country, where it belongs.