It's interesting that many of the so-called black intellectuals have severely criticized Herman Cain for his social and political views. One has to wonder why they feel that anyone who is black must agree with their point of view, or otherwise has a suspect intellect. It does nothing except advance the negative stereotype that black Americans are of a singular mindset, and undermines the efforts of the civil rights leaders of the past.

Despite this, Herman Cain very wisely didn't react emotionally to Cornel West's diatribe, but rather, calmly explained that his views were cultivated by growing up in the real world of hard work and economic reality, as opposed to the artificial world of academia.

It is high time for the overall black community to recognize that each one of them has a brain and the ability to think and reach conclusions for him- or herself. They must be reminded that one of the strengths of this community that allowed it to survive slavery, Jim Crow and violent racism was a system of values that transcended race or class. It also identified with godly principles.

It is my hope that this community will once again place principle above politics to the benefit of the entire country, and not just black Americans.