Ron Paul thinks public schools and Elizabeth Warren are socialist? Huh?

Why do certain Republicans insist on calling those they disagree with socialist? Could this be why conservative candidates for president are becoming a weird national spectacle in 2012, and why conservatives just suffered a severe shellacking in Ohio? When Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) says Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenClinton at risk of being upstaged Kaine will stand with Clinton on TPP opposition The Hill's 12:30 Report MORE and public schooling are socialist, he is way out of line with mainstream USA.

Here is Ron Paul's problem. I have praised him for saying that there are valid grievances by those who believe that some wealth is unjustly earned by those who game the system. But then Paul turns around and takes libertarian ideology to such an extreme that he becomes an advocate for policies giving unjust windfall profits to those who game the system.

Is Dr. Paul with the 99 percent, or the 1 percent? He cannot say the 99 percent have valid grievances, and then advocate policies that champion the corruptions of the system that is stacked against the 99 percent.

Elizabeth Warren is one of the great capitalists of our generation. Those she criticizes are the great anti-capitalists who do not favor free enterprise, they favor a rigged system of crony capitalism where consumers get stiffed.

Do Dr. Paul, conservatives and Republicans favor mortgage rip-offs, credit card terms that normal people cannot understand and financial abuses against veterans and military families? Elizabeth Warren is both right and capitalist in calling for change and reform.

It may be an irony of history that Elizabeth Warren ultimately wins her Senate election, and saves control of the Senate for Democrats.

Just look at the landslide defeat of the right in Ohio for the shape of things to come.

Just look at the fiasco campaigns of Donald TrumpDonald TrumpGiuliani wants to tag Muslims on the terror watch list Biden doubts Clinton and Trump election will be close Most retweeted tweet of Dem convention's third day posted by Trump MORE, Rick Perry and now Herman Cain to understand why the right has no serious leaders at the presidential level.

Regarding Ron Paul, sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I do not. When he says that Elizabeth Warren and public schooling are socialist, he is way out there on the outer-space right, and he can do much better than that.

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