Marriage should be for a lifetime and couples should work through betrayal and challenges that many marriages are confronted with. Herman Cain and his wife, Gloria, have been married for over 40 years. When you've invested that much time in a marriage there's a part of you that doesn't want to destroy your marriage because of some allegations, no matter how intense, and you also do not want to once again be alone.

Obviously, a marriage for many couples is not judged on a season of allegations and challenges, especially when you've been in the relationship for 46 years. Why would Cain knowingly urge his wife to give interviews defending his character when he knew she would later be humiliated for doing so? He knew without a doubt that she was enabling a lie, which to many is worse than betrayal. Either Gloria Cain is very naive or Herman Cain is very deceptive.

Cain cannot repent unless he admits and acknowledges his wrongdoing and serious character flaws. All we have seen from Cain is deceit and hypocrisy and no admission of guilt. He should just apologize to the people who have given him their faith and trust. Cain needs to man up, acknowledge his shortcomings, and not profit from this chaotic behavior.

We are watching the last hope of humankind be destroyed by a group of people that have bought into a false reality. We have forgotten what makes human beings strive and what we owe to God; we are destroying it all. It's no longer a theoretical possibility, it's a strong possibility. Just look at the acting and posturing from the failed supercommittee when they knew all along the meetings and constant rhetoric would be an utter failure. I am truly beginning to worry about my beloved America. Truly.