Do women who have been successfully and happily married for many years not want to know if their husband is committing adultery? Are there conditions that you don't embarrass your wife and family? Is it critical that the adulterous affair is purely sexual and not threatening to your wife and marriage stability? Is discretion paramount? While we're not advocating this behavior, many women who are successfully married realize that their husbands will never be angels and that sometimes adultery happens. Would you break up a happy marriage for adulterous behavior?
These questions have been swirling around in my head lately as the number of mass media indictments of adultery has been increasing at an ever more rapid pace. My confusion came to a head during the recent, what I would like to call, “Herman Cain Show.” Every other week there was a new allegation, or a new woman claiming to have been harassed by the former presidential hopeful.
At first it seemed like a joke and a lie, and a poorly scripted one at that, but there are only so many times you can hear a joke before it starts to sound true. At this point, there has been so much swirling around about Herman Cain’s nefarious ways that it is impossible to ignore or even give the benefit of the doubt. But more importantly, is this the way powerful men conduct themselves in relationships?
Do powerful men have a secret longing for the days of the Bible, when a man could have as many wives as he could afford? Or will the democratization “scare them straight”? Only time will tell.