For the true Rick Perry aficionado, don't miss the wonderful story in The Hill by Jonathan Easley about Perry believing Solyndra is a country.

If Perry were a serious candidate, I would write a column suggesting several hypothetical causes for his comic-opera mistakes, which happen with a regularity that would be alarming in a potential president.

A few days ago Perry attacked a Supreme Court justice without knowing her name, then opined about the eight justices on the Supreme Court, not knowing there are nine justices on the court!

Now, Perry presumably believes that “Solynda” (he got the company's name wrong) is part of our foreign aid program (can you believe he thought Solyndra is a country?).

Personally, I suspect there is a medical reason for Rick Perry's forgetful moments, and for his inability to retain basic facts that are regularly in the news, including many that are commonly known by high school freshmen.

Perry has become the class clown of this campaign.

He should drop out now.

Perhaps the nation of Solynda is looking for a president. If Perry is tired of being governor of Georgia (just kidding) he might run for president of Solynda (I mean it). If that doesn't work for him, I hear the Supreme Court of Solynda has vacancies for all eight justices …