Ron Paul surging in Iowa, just as we learn Kim Jong Il is dead and his 20-something-year-old son is taking over as the heir to the crazy dictator, is unnerving. The first thing the son, Kim Jong Un, does on Monday morning to make his mark and give us a clue who he is and what he's about, is to test-fire a short-range missile. North Korea then, with a straight face, claims it was routine and completely unrelated to the death of their dictator and the need to flex a military muscle or two. This, just weeks after we learn North Korea is now in possession of mobile Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that can constantly be on the move so that they aren't easily detected or tracked. North Korea has nukes and can strike before Ron Paul even has the chance to take his head out of the sand.
Iowa may be a long way from North Korea, but if Kim Jong Junior has a trigger finger, what Iowa GOP caucus voters do in a couple of weeks should be impacted by what North Korea is doing, has the capability to do, and may do in the future. Republican (allegedly) presidential primary candidate Ron Paul may provide a sense of faux comfort to some with his pooh-poohing the danger of North Korea and insisting we should lift sanctions, making them buy our goods while making nice (leaving South Korea to fend for itself, it would seem), but the reality is far different, and naivete dangerous.
Today would be a good time to force Iowa Republicans to focus on North Korea and force a serious discussion in Iowa so voters can pay attention to Ron Paul's position. Newt, Mitt, Michele, et al should get right on that ASAP. Because whatever it is Iowa GOP caucus-goers think they like about Ron Paul that should qualify him to be president, North Korea, Kim Jong Un and another interestingly timed "routine" missile test now overshadows all of it.