I try to be a little ahead of the media curve, especially regarding Ron Paul. For today I want to make one major point, which is that his campaign in Iowa is one of the most brilliantly run campaigns I can remember.

I have emphasized his organizational ability to identify and get out the vote as well as the strong loyalty among his supporters. I would add a very significant dimension, which is that Ron Paul has a first-rate staff that has organized a first-rate campaign on multiple levels.

I do not know his staff, but the result is clear. The quality and timing of his television ads, his multi-dimensional message, his targeting of voters outside normal political channels, his sequencing of various aspects of the campaign simultaneously and the high level of professionalism of his campaign structure are all exceptional.

I will have more about this soon. I suspect that ultimately the way the Paul campaign in Iowa is being run will be compared to the way Obama's Iowa campaign was run in 2008 in terms of the pure mechanisms of running a caucus campaign. It would not shock me if the results in 2012 compared to 2008 have Paul playing the role of Obama, Mitt Romney playing the role of Hillary and mostly likely Gingrich but possibly one of the other conservatives instead playing the role of Edwards (from a purely results point of view).

I tip my hat to the professionalism of the Ron Paul campaign organization.