Here is why Mitt Romney might run with Paul Ryan, and why Ron Paul dances with Romney: they share a pseudo-conservative vision in which the GOP is the rich white man's party. Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaMontana governor raises profile ahead of potential 2020 bid Trump was right to ditch UN’s plan for handling migrants Ex-White House stenographer: Trump is ‘lying to the American people’ MORE is right: Mitt Romney, Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanInterior fast tracks study of drilling's Arctic impact: report Dems unveil slate of measures to ratchet up pressure on Russia National Dems make play in Ohio special election MORE and Ron Paul share a credo of Social Darwinism that is the antithesis of true American exceptionalism and the true Judeo-Christian ethic. True Americanism is a government of the people, not the wealthy. True faith is exemplified by the Sermon on the Mount, not the cult of greed championed by the atheist Ayn Rand and turned into the policies of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney often bears false witness about what he really believes, but when we see through his pander of the month, it comes down to this: Romney is the rich man's candidate who believes in a Social Darwinism (fervently supported by Paul Ryan and Ron Paul) in which the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the middle class gets crushed, wealthy factions can buy elections, big money dominates, women are punished, Hispanics are disenfranchised, Medicare is destroyed and Social Security is attacked while these programs would be turned into profit centers for Wall Street firms under Republican rule.

These Republicans even oppose pay equity for women and do not understand why Democrats benefit from a gender gap that is epic, gargantuan, intergalactic and probably decisive in November.

It is no coincidence that GOP policies mirror one of America's historically significant atheists, Ayn Rand. Romney, Paul, Ryan and Ayn Rand believe that the fittest should survive and the rest deserve to be destroyed, which is the heart of their Social Darwinism, as Obama correctly charges. In Mitt Romney's world he says he likes firing people, does not care about the very poor, builds elevators for his glamorous cars in his multimillion-dollar mansion while he practices vulture capitalism and preaches a survival of the fittest that is an aggressive attack against true American exceptionalism.

Romney says Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism the way "we" do. Who is "we" in Romney's world? Rich white men like Romney who build elevators for their cars? Ideologues like Paul Ryan who would turn Medicare into a profit center for insurers? Anachronisms like Ron Paul who quote economists from another country, another continent and another century?

Mitt Romney embodies a brand of American unexceptionalism that the Founding Fathers and Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were against. Obama and Democrats and yours truly champion the true American exceptionalism: a government for all of the people, not just the few who have the most.

Romney accuses Obama of playing "hide and seek"?

Dare I suggest that the reason Mitt Romney hides most of his tax returns is because the Romney vision of American exceptionalism involves Swiss bank accounts and offshore money in the Cayman Islands that Romney's tax returns would probably reveal?

Romney should run with Paul Ryan on his ticket and Ron Paul on his team. They can champion the exceptionalism of greed. We will defeat them by championing the exceptionalism of America.