Sadly for Republicans, whose attack on the interests of women continues, Hilary Rosen will not help them. My guess is that secretly, Mitt Romney, the vulture capitalist, and Ron Paul, who adores vulture capitalists with his Austrian-economist theories, both admire Hilary Rosen. What do they have in common? Greed, self-indulgence, arrogance and a belief that the wealthy are better than everyone else. What Rosen said was sexist, elitist and insulting toward Ann Romney and other women and her behavior in this matter is obnoxious. Rosen has the self-indulgent instinct for self-promotion that has much in common with the elitist Romney's vulture-ism, and the outmoded Paul's poodle-ism for the wealthy that means poverty for the poor and pain for the middle class.

Liberals are embarrassed by Rosen. Democrats are beyond angry with her. They all wish she would go on vacation. But Ron Paul would be proud of her, and Ayn Rand ecstatic over her, because selfishness is their cult and greed is their creed.

Sorry, Republicans, this affair will not help you with women, because you continue your war against the interests of women, because women are not as stupid as conservative Republicans think, and because women in large numbers know their true interests:

Republicans continue their war against pay equity for women, and Rosen does not change that. Republicans continue their war against contraceptives, and Rosen does not affect that. Republicans continue their attacks on women's rights to bring lawsuits against discrimination. Republicans continue their vendettas against programs that improve women's health. Republicans continue their attacks against programs that serve working women, poor women and their daughters and sons.

Ron Paul would probably secretly adore Rosen, for reasons his hero Ayn Rand and his idols the Austrian economists would appreciate: their shared adoration of the glory of the selfish, the cult of self-indulgence and the creed of greed in all forms.

As for Mitt Romney, he thinks this will help him, but it won't. He already has the support of the 1 percent. Most of the 99 percent would think that Romney, Paul, Ayn Rand and Hilary Rosen are birds of a feather who join together and have much in common with each other, and little in common with the real women and real men of the real America.