Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide against the party of Ted Nugent, Allen West, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan

In my latest column I suggest that Democrats begin a movement to draft Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 as they rally to Obama in 2012. Hillary would win in a landslide against all Republicans, according to recent polling. Republicans have become a party with a high tolerance for hatred and extremism while they continue their war against the interests of women, Hispanics and workers. The latest GOP fiascos involving hateful comments from Ted Nugent and the short-pants McCarthyism of Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) reveal a GOP that has left the mainstream of American life.

Nugent is an idiot. His hateful comments deserve no rebuttal except to note that he well deserves being interviewed by the Secret Service. The absurd comments from Allen West, who embodies the extremism and radical excesses of the House Republicans, turn West into a caricature of the nutcase wing of the Republican Party who is a minor-league Joe McCarthy accusing Democrats of being communists in a charge discredited many decades ago.

Paul Ryan drafts a budget that is condemned by Catholic bishops for being cruel to the poor. Rick Santorum vomits when he recalls JFK's speech supporting the separation of church and state. Ron Paul's newsletter included examples of hate speech and a call for race wars. Donald Trump runs a presidential campaign based on questioning the president's birth certificate.

Hillary Clinton towers above all Republicans running for president because she stands for the rights of women in what I call the Female Century and the rights of workers in what I call the Populist Century. I will have much more to say about this very soon. For now:

Mitt Romney, the man who most recently insulted his father George Romney in a private meeting by attacking housing programs that George Romney created and supported, lacks the integrity and courage to stand up against the forces of hate in the GOP.

The nonsense from Nugent and West only reinforce the reason that in recent polls Hillary Rodham Clinton would win a gigantic and epic landslide against every Republican, including Romney, in a presidential campaign.

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