Many of the Navy SEALs involved in the killing of Osama bin Laden are speaking out against President Obama for taking so much credit for an operation in which they placed their lives in danger.

They felt it was a no-brainer in moving forward to end bin Laden's reign of terror. For the president to imply that he's endowed with some special gift for making such a decision is remarkably arrogant and clearly out of touch with reality.

Can our president humble himself and share a little credit with others involved in the successful operation?

To imply that GOP standard-bearer Mitt Romney would not have taken advantage of an opportunity to remove Osama bin Laden from the world stage is another manifestation of his extreme narcissism. It clearly shows his selfish desire to be reelected regardless of the cost and casualties to our nation.

It is apparent that the intelligence gathered that allowed this successful historic military operation was compiled over many years. This process involved many techniques, including enhanced interrogations the current administration criticized in the past. The hypocrisy of taking the spoils of something that you vociferously opposed should be apparent to all.

The one-year anniversary should be a time to unite us behind a tremendous victory that increases our safety, rather than a time to gloat and further divide an already fractured society. One must begin to wonder if there is anything that this president will not use for his political gain and further separate our nation.