Many believe that President Obama will be reelected regardless of our economy. It is the mentality of individuals like state Rep. Emitt Burns (black minister from Maryland), who has forcefully come out against Obama's approval of gay marriage, but will still vote for him.

This is a man who was morally outraged by what he perceived as something that was in total opposition to biblical and moral belief. Yet he and many like him are willing to subjugate such an important part of their belief system to blind political allegiance. There are many individuals in the black, Hispanic, gay and lesbian communities as well as those who are easily frightened by rhetoric who will blindly vote for Obama, regardless of what is best for their own interest.

The real question is, has the American psyche become subject to the politically driven media and lost the ability to critically analyze its own best interest? While the majority of Americans believe that Romney would be better for the economy, this at least provides hope that the country hasn't totally gone insane. The challenge we now face is whether we can reinvigorate the intellectual independence of "We the People.”