Marco Rubio for VP: Hasta la vista, baby

The odds that Mitt Romney runs with Marco Rubio for VP are mathematically zero. None. No way. No chance. Nada. Nyet. Rubio may well have a presidential or vice presidential future, but not in 2012. He is not ready. He is not qualified. He is not close. I have believed this from the beginning of the campaign, but after President Obama outmaneuvered Mitt Romney on immigration, Romney looked confused and befuddled and Rubio could not even be clear about whether he still supports his own plan. Not ready for prime time. Not close.

The Etch a Sketch Romney cannot take an extreme and hardline position on immigration during the primaries, then shift to sudden moderation for the general election. There is no Hispanic whom Romney can put on the ticket who will help with his huge problem with Hispanic voters. The fault, Dear Brutus, lies with Mr. Romney, and not Mr. Rubio.

Marco Rubio is a good man with a potentially presidential future, but as for 2012, you can take this to the bank: It is hasta la vista, baby, for Marco Rubio for VP.

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