Many of my colleagues are quietly saying that there was no enthusiasm for Romney early on during the primaries because of his moderate positions on many issues. However, a careful analysis of the situation demonstrates that he might in fact be the most appropriate candidate because of his background at Bain Capital.

His congressional colleagues selected him as their leader because he fostered a sense of confidence and went on to lead one of the very first successful venture capitalist companies in the world. This is a company that not only recognizes strengths and enhances them, but also recognizes weaknesses and eliminates them if they could not be strengthened or enhanced.

Our government now has become as bloated and inefficient as many of the companies Bain had to remake. While critics say that experience in the private sector does not necessarily transfer over to the public sector, our country’s economic situation requires someone who knows the private sector and the public sector equally to balance out the two.

Romney might not be the world's best diplomat or social engineer, but he has the wisdom and experience of Ronald Reagan to surround himself with people who are. It is possible that we may commence the process of U.S. financial recovery in the not-too-distant future.