Were there years Mitt Romney paid no taxes? Did Romney remain at Bain Capital longer than he claims, as the Boston Globe suggests? How many offshore tax havens, shelters and accounts did he use, beyond the accounts in Swiss banks, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda that we already know about?

Assuming all Romney’s actions were legal, which I definitely do, will voters see them as morally scandalous for a person of his wealth? I believe they will, but the only way to judge is for Romney to do what his father and all presidential candidates in modern history did: Release them. Now. These are grave issues I raised in my last column about why so many voters distrust Romney. As they should distrust him.

Romney should release all his returns from 1999 forward. We need to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about when Romney left Bain and about the business practices he claims as his qualifications for the presidency.

Obviously the Obama attacks against Romney's business practices are working. Big time. Even more so after the Globe story. It is time for the truth and the facts. If Romney still keeps his returns secret now, he must be hiding some serious dirt that he fears will will embroil him in scandal. That was my point in the column. That is my point today. What did Romney do, when did he do it, and why is he so afraid what voters will think when they find out?

Those who say the Obama attacks about Romney's business practices at Bain are not working are obviously wrong. They are. Big time.