Now here comes John Sununu. I won't dignify his insults of the president by even repeating them. Looks like the surrogates for the Republican candidate are getting desperate. They should be. Their champion Mitt Romney is not the champion of American workers. He cannot even make his mind up about whether American Olympic athletes should be wearing uniforms made in China. Mitt Romney vows to continue his tax return cover-up. He fears that whatever will be revealed could destroy his campaign. Perhaps it will. There is now a sick feeling in the pit of many Republican stomachs. This is not spin. It is truth.

Poor Sununu. He seems to be backing off from his worst insults. Like Mitt Romney, John Sununu cannot even decide whether he believes his own insults from one minute to the next. To paraphrase an old song: There is something happening here; what it is becomes increasingly clear.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a growing desperation in Republican circles. There is the stench of the loser surrounding the Romney campaign. There is the odor of defeat. There is the growing recognition that large and growing numbers of voters do not trust Mitt Romney. And the truth is:

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